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Series Comics


Here're our readers' favorite series comics!

"Romance Comics" is a comic series based on love romance novels from all around the world. Enjoy reading your favorite romance stories in a vivid and lively comic form! With our "Young Love Comics" series, you can enjoy sizzling and passionate love stories that are as real as your own experiences! "Next Comics" is a series of next generation comics by young and aspiring authors as well as the established and famed artists. If you are looking for something new and exciting, "Next Comics" is certainly the label worth taking a look at. With "Happy Wedding Comics" you can find many variations of happy ending heart warming love stories illustrated by all our favorite artists!

Comic Essays and Books


Our Comic Essays and Books are

filled with good tips for our daily lives from the relationship with your partner to the gardening. With the wide variety of Comic Essays the authors/manga artists share their own experience with the readers through the narrative and expressive illustrations. Also our books help readers to explore many different worlds and to think how to pursue happiness in their lives.

Comic Magazines


Our periodicals offer the readers

the wide variety of comic stories compiled in a magazine form. You can enjoy the latest stories by many of our most popular manga artists every month! Our magazine lineups include "HARMONY ROMANCE"(Romance) , "Marie"(Romance)", "Love White Paper PASTEL"(Josei or TL), "Young Love Comic AYA"(Josei or TL), "Happy Wedding"(Josei or Romance), "Bad Rumors Around The Neighbourhood"(Josei), "The Maximum Happiness and Sensation"(Josei), "15 Moving Stories CLIMAX"(Josei), and "Love Revolution"(Josei or TL).

Digital Comics


We distribute our comics digitally

through internet and mobile phone networks. We can also license the works which are out of print but still published as digital comics. Multi-Lingual Comic Apps are also available for the smart phones and tablet PCs!

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